LBCA was created in 2001 and does not belong to any industrial group, thus absolutely guaranteeing its complete impartiality.
Through our actions and our interventions we verify in a manner that is completely independent and impartial, the quantity and the quality of the marketed products in order to make safe the commercial transactions for the benefit of our customers...
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member area

Petroleum products
  • Quantity and quality control ;
  • Monitoring of loading, unloading and transfers ;
  • Calibration of storage units ;

  • Agro-industrial and food products
    LBCA offers consultancy services as well as laboratory analysis of the industrial products...
    Environmental analysis
  • Analysis of wastewater effluent;
  • Analyses of soil and sewage sludge ;
  • Evaluation of the quality of drinking water ...
  • Counsulting and training
    Our training schemes are addressed to those persons who are in charge of companies (managers and supervisors, and also those people who are likely to handle food products)...
    Mineral essays
    These services are provided through our partnership with SET POINT LABORATORIES, SOUTH AFRICA.
    SET POINT LABORATORIES is a well established ...
    Lubricant analysis
    The analysis of oils and lubricants predict the health of your equipment and help to maintain the equipments in the best operating condition while extending their useful life and avoiding unplanned downtime ...
    Hygiene audits
    Our specific technical assistance services, flexible according to the particular needs of our client companies, constitute a real hygiene engineering, increasingly in demand in all industrial sectors ...