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6Analysis of lubricants

The lubricant is to the machine what the blood is to the body. It reflects the behavior and state of the system in which it circulates. The monitoring of physico-chemical characteristics of the lubricant is used to assess the state of degradation of the oil and consequently its ability to fully meet its initial lubrication functions. The evolution of this degradation can be an indicator of operating conditions of the equipment. It will allow to optimize the frequency of oil changes, in the case of heavy loads.

The oil analysis is one of the key elements that contribute to the reliability of equipment and its components. Laboratory testing properly made in lubricants can significantly reduce decision time on maintenance tasks required to optimize equipment availability and ensure the safety.

Laboratory testing is used to control and monitor the condition of the oil in service throughout its use and advise appropriate treatment based on the results.


Lubricants testing are used to detect the abnormal presence of water, the possible loss of product viscosity and the presence of wear metals.

Laboratory testing are used to control and monitor the status of in-service lubricants throughout their use and advise appropriate treatment based on the results.

The service fluid analysis aim to ensure that they are still efficient and ensure their lubricant roles.

The testing of lubricants allows to determine the general condition of lubricated parts and the potential life of oils and also allow :

  • to make the preventive and predictive maintenance in anticipation of possible damage and thus better programming a mechanical intervention.
  • optimize the changes through regular control of the lubricant and therefore allow a better control of lubricant purchases.
  • The results of the analyzes performed in our laboratory to determine whether the fluid can be kept in service or requires special treatment.


    We offer our services to companies in the following areas :

  • Lubricant Distributors ;
  • The service stations ;
  • Cooling and hydraulic maintenance companies ;
  • Precision mechanics (machine tools, machining) ;
  • The autonomous ports (cranes, gantry cranes) ;
  • Road transport fleets (parks ranging from 50 to 200 trucks) ;
  • Construction companies (a machine can have up to 9 lubricated parts) ;
  • The heavy engine ;
  • Central power generation (turbines) ;
  • The industry (gearboxes, transmissions, hydraulic).
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