Field of intervention
1Counsultancy and food testing

LBCA offers consultancy services as well as laboratory analysis of the industrial products for everyday consumption.

These analyses make it possible to evaluate the quality of water and food products that the companies produce for public consumption.
Our expertise is to determine the most appropriate solutions to solve the problems involved in the harmful effects of contaminants that may degrade the quality of products intended for human consumption that are capable of causing public health problems.

Through our actions and our interventions we commit ourselves to playing the role of guarantor of quality by recommending to industries corrective measurements allowing the creation of products with great added value intended for the consumers.

The services offered by LBCA allow food industries to have the scientific expertise of an independent entity, through its opinions and recommendations, offers them the opportunity to maintain or improve the quality of products intended for consumption.

The identification of non-compliant products enables companies to achieve significant savings by avoiding production losses and costs incurred by the return of spoiled products, unfit for consumption.
The use of LBCA services enables companies to produce products with high added value that could project an image associated with quality.

Our ambition is to enable companies to produce products capable of satisfying the customer on the first try.
We commit ourselves into a partnership with our customers in finding solutions that will reduce the risk of developing products that could affect their productivity.

Our approach is also to help our customers to correct the conditions conducive to the deterioration of the sanitary quality of their products and ensure that food companies have a good reputation for food safety.

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