Field of intervention
2Hygiene audits

Our specific technical assistance services, flexible according to the particular needs of our client companies, constitute a real hygiene engineering, increasingly in demand in all industrial sectors.

The sanitary safety of accommodation and catering facilities on the sites of oil companies is an imperative that leads us to carry out hygiene audits on OFFSHORE and ONSHORE installations.

The objective of these audits is to provide the necessary level of assurance to the food holder and the client that the installation procedures and hygiene standards are compliant, identify any improvement focus areas for hygiene condition on the installation.

The purpose of the hygiene audit is to assess general hygiene condition of accommodations and catering facilities as well as the sanitary condition of food preparation. The objective of the audit is to identify non compliances in order to take correctives action to improve hygiene condition on offshore locations such as rigs, Fpsos and other onshore locations as soon as possible.

The field of application of the audits is to examine and systematically evaluate the general conditions on the installations in compliance with the principal standards, procedures, and good hygiene practices on board.

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