Field of intervention
9Food hygiene training

Our training schemes are addressed to those persons who are in charge of companies (managers and supervisors, and also those people who are likely to handle food products).

The training in companies addresses three primary concerns :

  • To raise the awareness and give responsibility to all personnel implicated with hygiene ;
  • To provide information on the various legal aspects relating to the installations and the products ;
  • To improve microbiological and hygienic quality of the products, to reduce the variations in the chemical composition of the products offered to the consumers.
  • We use a simple and properly adapted pedagogy, which is implemented by our trainers. These interventions are directed towards two levels :

    In your facilities : short and repeated sessions, illustrated with visual audio presentations, as well as practical demonstrations ;
    In our facilities : introductory courses and specialized courses including the understanding of the principal concepts for food hygiene, industrial stability and all another subjects which are topical. This will include practical working sessions and demonstrations.

    LBCA also organizes international courses for the improvement of personnel in production and distribution industries of the sub-Region (West Africa).

    The training topics are as follows :
  • Sensitization with quality (ISO standards and tools of quality) ;
  • Standardization ;
  • Food hygiene and industrial hygiene ;
  • HACCP System ;
  • Good laboratory practice (GLP) and ISO 17025: 2005 standard ;
  • Industrial waste water treatment (ENVIRONMENT training).
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