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7Samples preparation and mineral essays

These services are provided through our partnership with SET POINT LABORATORIES, SOUTH AFRICA. SET POINT LABORATORIES is a well established analytical chemistry laboratory accredited ISO 17025 by SANAS (South Africa National Accreditation System).

We offer a range of services from mobile sample preparation to full testing laboratories including analysis of samples from the following industry and sector:

  • Mining
  • Geology
  • Exploration

  • We offer analysis on :

  • Platinum and gold
  • Base metals
  • Light elements

  • We employ appropriate analytical techniques in facilities that include :

  • X-RAY Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • X-RAY Diffraction (XRD)
  • ICP/ OES
  • ICP / MS
  • LECO for the analysis of carbon and sulphur
  • Other instrumental techniques

  • With the specific expertise and experience of our partner, we can establish and operate full on site laboratroy facilities specific to the client’s requirements. The laboratory can be housed in fixed buildings or in containerised units that allow easy transportation to remote sites.


    Sample Preparation is one of the most important steps in the analytical process. The goal is to achieve an homogenous sample or a sub-sample that is representative of the submitted material. If this is not achieved, then the analytical result can be biased or even meaningless! We use hi-tech crushing and milling equipment, with the accredited sample preparation procedures as separate entities on their own apart from the analytical procedures.


    Gold and Platinum group metals (PGMs)
    We offers various techniques depending on the testing requirements. Classic Fire Assay - Lead collection is used to accurately determine gold, platinum and palladium (and rhodium if required); and nickel sulphide collection determines all PGE elements (6E).

    Base metals and Multi element
    Depending on the testing requirements, either XRF or ICP-OES / ICP-MS can be employed to offer a full range of testing services.


    Outsourcing mine-site laboratories, allows the client to focus on their core competencies while ensuring that the analytical data received is accurate and consistent.
    We ensure that all on-site laboratories established meet the clients specific requirements and that these laboratories are managed and operated with the same levels of quality and efficiency as our commercial laboratories.
    This service provides clients with high quality, reliable, quick analytical data at their fingertips.

    Mobile and on-site Laboratories

    This service is offer to companies with projects in remote location. One or more containerised preparation facilities can be deployed in order to reduce costs associated with transporting larger samples to laboratory locations which is a great advantage for the clients.

    The mobile mineral sample preparation facility is able to dry, weigh, crush, split, and repack the samples.
    The sample preparation is conducted according to SET POINT LABORATORIES ISO 17025 accredited sample preparation procedure which allow enhancing the reliability of analysis results.


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