Laboratory testing
  • Samples reception : After receipt at the laboratory the samples are analyzed within the shortest possible time.

  • A team of specialists : the laboratory is organized by sphere of activity and consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialists: microbiologists, chemists, food engineers, industrial toxicologists and laboratory technicians. The personnel in the laboratory are of high calibre, stable, highly qualified and competent, thanks to the experience gained on the ground and by a properly adapted and updated continuation training programme.

  • A high level laboratory : the analytical laboratory has the most modern apparatus and equipment making it possible for the technical staff to evolve/move in a dedicated environment. An adapted space ensure and facilitate the use of the required protocols in a controlled environment guaranteeing the most perfect hygiene and the best quality of analysis. The separation of the various stages of analyses and the implementation of walk ahead ensure the greatest safety of the handled samples. The use of methods and techniques of standardized analysis (IP, AFNOR, ISO, ASTM and other international standards), the organization of work and the ethics of quality contribute to make our laboratory the tool able to fulfil the requirements concerning accuracy and reliability.

  • Reliable results : the precision equipment, the qualified personnel, the rigorous design of work, the metrological monitoring and the observation of multiple strict check procedures throughout the analytical chain supported by a checking routine of internal quality control, contribute to ensure that the results of the analysis are fulfilling the requirements of scientific rigour involving in addition the production of right and precise results.

  • To improve the reliability of its results, the laboratory takes part in tests of inter comparison (inter laboratories tests) of international organizations.

  • A data-processing follow-up : All the data starting from the reception of the sample until the report/ratio of analysis are digitized. This information is stored and periodically synthesized according to the customer requirements. This step makes it possible to ensure a rigorous traceability of each sample.
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