Field of intervention
3Environmental testing

The LBCA offers the following environmental testing services :

  • Analysis of wastewater effluent ;
  • Analysis of soil and sewage sludge ;
  • Evaluation of the quality of drinking water.

  • The LBCA offers a full range of analysis to measure the water quality in various situations. The expertise of LBCA allows the production of quality analysis of drinking water, groundwater monitoring, characterization of industrial effluents and the quality of surface water.

    We analyze both major ions and inorganic parameters such as heavy metals and trace elements and the microbiological parameters such as E. coli, which are indicators elements of the quality of drinking water.


    Drinking water
    LBCA performs chemical and microbiological analysis of water. These analyzes prevent possible health risks and control the quality of the water.


    Chemical anlysis

  • Natural structure of water (Hydrogene potential, ionic balance, carbonic balance, chlorides, sulfates,…) ;
  • Major elements and metals (nitrates, nitrites, arsenic, mercury, lead, Cr VI,….) ;
  • Pesticides (organophosphates, organochlorines…) ;
  • Organoleptic analysis (color, turbidity, odor, flavor).

  • Microbiological analysis

  • Bacteriology (Escherichia coli, coliforms,…)

  • Wastewater effluent, soil and sewage sludge

    Le LBCA performs analysis to control the quality of wastewater effluent, soil and sewage sludge.

    Chemical analysis

  • Global parameters (COD, OBD5,nitrates, nitrites….);
  • Mineral micro-polluants (arsenic, cyanides, heavy metals,….).

  • Microbiological analysis

  • Bactériologie (Escherichia coli, entérocoques, coliformes…).

    In addition to laboratory testing, we offer an interpretation of testing results and we propose recommendations to help our customers to take appropriate action in the event of contamination.
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